About Me

Hi!  Welcome to the DiversifiedDoc blog.

I’m a practicing ER doc in East Texas with 18 years of experience….wait a minute.  No, I”m a real estate broker/developer/investor with over 100 transactions and….no, that’s not it.  Oh yea, I’m a cattle rancher with over 20 years experience in managing the day to day operations of a beef cattle ranch which peaked at over 1,000 head.  Not quite…I’m a financial strategist and co-owner of a therapy staffing company with over 300 employees.  Actually, I’m all of these and more.  My dad worked the same job for 40 years.  He went in at 7 am, lunch from 12-1 and home by 5pm for 40 years, Monday through Friday.  Not me, I have trouble doing the same activity for 2 weeks in a row.  As a result, I’ve had the opportunity to try on many hats and I hope to share a wide variety of information through this blog based on my personal experiences.  I hope you’ll find the topics interesting, but mostly I want people to realize you can be a “jack of all trades”.  Mastery?  Now that’s up for debate.  A diversified life is a good life.  Climb aboard!